Worldwide Ocean Shipping from China with Chinaebuys

If you have a large shipment and are flexible with delivery speed, ocean shipping is a cost-effective alternative to shipping by air.

Minimum Shipment Size/Weight

For ocean shipping, the minimum shipment size is about 1 CBM (cubic meter) for shipping to port, or about 100kg for shipping to door. The bigger your shipment, the more cost-effective it is to ship by sea.

Ship to Port or Ship to Door

You can choose to either ship to port or all the way to your doorstep. The former would cost significantly less than the latter. Do also let us know which port in your country is closest to you.

Worldwide Shipping Offered

We offer worldwide ocean shipping from China to any port around the world, whichever is closest to you. Or if you're getting us to ship all the way to door, then let us know your full address. Do note that shipping to door costs signifcantly more than shipping to port.

Shipping Time of about 15-30 Days

Ocean Shipping generally takes about between 15-30 days for shipping to port, or 20-35 days for shipping to door, depending on the country being shipped to.

Quick Order

Or Write to us Directly

Alternatively, you may email us directly at with the details of what you would like to ship, to which country, and any other questions you may have regarding shipping internationally via Chinaebuys.

How do I make an ocean shipment with Chinaebuys?

 Firstly, you need to get the seller(s) to send all your items to our warehouses in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai or or our partner warehouses all over China - whichever is cloest to your supplier. We'll ship from the port that is closest to your supplier. Email us at and let us know where in China your supplier is located, we'll send you the warehouse address that is closest to them. If you've requested for an ocean shipping cost estimate above, we'll also automatically send you our warehouse address details
  Get all the sellers/suppliers you are purchasing from to send all your purchases to the ocean shipping warehouse address. We'll consolidate all your purchases and have them sent to the nearest port in China for ocean shipping.
  We'll send you a payment invoice for payment of international shipping costs. After payment has been made, we'll proceed to process your international shipment. Depending on where you're shipping to and the shipping route used, ocean shipping should generally take between 15-30 days.

Major Shipping Lines

Chinaebuys partners with major shipping lines around the world to have your purchases from China ocean shipped to you. Here are some of the major shipping lines that we regularly work with.



For ocean shipping from China, Chinaebuys will help you handle all the standard documentation typically required​ in the ocean shipping process such as preparing the Bill of Lading (usually in the form of a Telex Release), the Commercial Invoice and the Packing List. We can also use the packing lists provided by the suppliers you're purchasing from. 

Ocean Shipping Insurnace

Depending on the profile and nature of your ocean shipment, shipping insurance can be purchased (usually applicable only to shipments to ports and not to door). Ocean shipping insurance typically costs about $20 or 0.1% of the cost of goods being insured, whichever is higher.