Send packages to our warehouse in China and we'll ship internationally to your doorstep wherever you are in the world!

STEP 1: Contact us to get our Warehouse Address in China

STEP 2: Notify us of confirmed purchases that you're sending to our Warehouse for international shipping

Process Flow

#1 Buy, get the seller to send to our China-based warehouse, and notify us of your purchase.

#2 When your packages arrive at our warehouse we will notify you via email and await your international shipping instructions.

#3 We'll then ship to you via international couriers. Receive your packages in just 2-4 days!

Or Write to us Directly

Alternatively, you may email us directly at support@chinaebuys.com with the details of what you would like to ship, to which country, and any other questions you may have regarding shipping internationally via Chinaebuys.

What happens after I submit a notification?

When your products have arrived at our China warehouse, we'll contact you by email to receive your international shipping instructions.

Package Forwarding by Chinaebuys

Even when you not need our help to buy from China websites like Taobao or JD.com, we still offer you our package forwarding service so that you can enjoy our specially discounted international shipping rates, along with repacking and consolidation services when buying from China and shipping internationally. We'll forward your packages to DHL, FedEx or UPS for international shipping (which courier is used depends on the contents of the shipment and the shipping destination).