Use Google Translate


  1. Visit

  2. Copy and paste the website address (for example, into the box on the left

  3. For language selection, ensure that Chinese is selected as the language to translate, and English (or whichever language is your first language) is selected  as the language to translate to

  4. Click on the blue 'translate' button on the right and you will be brought to the new page showing the translated version of the website address you entered.  Please view the screenshot below.


    Note however that using Google translate a website will still not give you a flawless copy of the page in your preferred language. Often a lot of the words are not successfully detected by the translation program and remain in Chinese. However, product categories tend to be successfully translated and this should help you in your navigation of the site if you do not read Chinese. An example of a translated page on is given below. 

    As can be seen in the screenshot above, while the translations into English are by no means perfect, they can be of tremendous aid to someone who is browsing the Tmall site but unable to read Chinese. Nevertheless, as is the case with most shopping websites, it is the product pictures that are most crucial to the buyer, especially when shopping from fashion-related apparel and accessories.